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General Information & Disclosure Statement

Elliot Brenner has been registered as a Registered Investment Advisor since 2003.


The only person giving client advice is Elliot Brenner. Born in 1954. Elliot graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, and graduated from Rutgers School of Law - Camden in 1979 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Elliot has worked as a CPA, tax attorney and a licensed registered representative. He has held various NASD licenses and passed qualifying examinations: General Securities license (Series 7), General Securities Principal license (Series 24), Uniform State Securities license (Series 63), Investment Advisor Representative license (Series 65), Registered Options Principal (Series 4), National Commodity Futures license (Series 3). He has also held an insurance license from the State of New Jersey. Since 1997, he has edited The Elliott Wave Chart Page, a website dedicated to Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis of the US Stock Market. Elliot is engaged in professions other than giving financial planning and investment advice for a fee. He owns a number of internet websites, marketing a variety of products and services. Those professions take up most of his work week.

How We Operate (fees)

As an investment advisor we manage your account for a percentage of the assets under our management. The annual fee is 2%. The fee is paid quarterly. If you wish to terminate our association, you can do so at any time. Any fees earned will be billed to you on a pro-rated basis.

For fee based clients, we may recommend broker/dealers, mutual funds, or other companies based on their costs, skills, reputation, dependability and compatibility with you. In some circumstances, you may also use your own broker, other broker dealers, mutual fund, or other companies of choice.

General Information

Most of our clients are individuals, but we also work with pension plans, businesses, charities, trusts & estates and banks. We may give advice on, but don't necessarily recommend, all types of securities, ranging from government bonds through mutual funds. We engage in Elliott Wave, technical and fundamental securities analysis. Our investment strategy is investing for the long term, intermediate term and for the short term which depends on our assessment of the risk of the market and investment objectives of the clients.

On occasion, we may buy or sell securities (mutual funds) that we recommend to you. There is no conflict of interest as the securities (mutual funds) are widely held and publicly traded and we are too small an advisor/investor to affect the market and we always place your interests ahead of our own interests.

We review managed accounts daily. We don't prepare regular reports for you. You'll get statements from your broker/dealers, mutual funds, or other companies, as appropriate.

We do not compensate anyone, either directly or indirectly for client referrals. When we manage your accounts on a discretionary basis, we limit our discretionary authority by prohibiting ourselves from withdrawing funds and/or securities from your accounts. In addition, discretionary transactions are limited to mutual funds, variable annuities, and variable life insurance.


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Elliot Brenner
Registered Investment Adviser
1717 Brentwood Place
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